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Improved Sleep for Better Senior Health


For seniors, sleep is very crucial. With age comes various physical challenges that hinder them from living life to the fullest. This affects their overall well-being if not considered immediately. As such, letting your senior loved one get a much-deserved shut-eye at night is important.

If you’ve noticed your loved one getting tired and restless every day, then this is your sign to improve their sleeping conditions. Aside from following the steps below, coordinating with caregiving professionals is also crucial.

  • Keep the bedroom tidy.
  • With the help of a trusted caregiver in California, you can optimize your senior’s sleeping quarters with thorough cleaning and organizing. This means removing unnecessary clutter, washing the sheets, and ensuring that your loved one finds their bedroom relaxing and comforting.
  • Dark and cool space.
  • Invest in blackout curtains to keep out harsh lights and retain the coolness of the room.
  • No daytime naps.
  • With our companionship care, we make sure that your loved one stays active during the day. This helps keep their internal clock at normal levels.
  • Light dinner and no alcohol.
  • Despite popular belief, alcohol will not help your loved one sleep. Older adults are prone to getting up at night to go to the bathroom. Eating heavy meals during dinner will increase their nightly toilet trip even more.
  • No screen time before bed.
  • At least 1 hour before bed, all gadgets must be turned off and put away. Blue light emitted from digital screens can reduce the production of melatonin in our brain, thus, making it hard to fall asleep.

We hope these steps will help you or your loved one find a restful sleep tonight. For quality home care in Northridge, California, contact Holistic Care Options, Inc. today.

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