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How to Reduce Loneliness in Older Adults

How to Reduce Loneliness in Older Adults

Taking care of mental health is one of the tasks that a caregiver can provide. You can get help from professionals who belong to home care in Laveen, Arizona. Your older family members who have difficulty in mobility and declining health are the ones especially vulnerable to loneliness and isolation.

According to SPRC.Org, lonely people are 50% more likely to die prematurely. That is like taking 15 cigarettes every day. You should ensure that you check on your parents and older adult friends. They might need the service of a caregiver in Arizona to get help with their daily routine.

Social isolation differs from loneliness. You have to stop using them interchangeably. Here are the main differences:

  • Social isolation is referring to the low number of social contacts and relationships.
  • Loneliness refers to the sense of being alone that includes distress or unpleasant feelings associated with having fewer-than-desired social relationships.

You may notice that your grandparents are socially isolated but they do not feel alone. Older adults have fewer social relationships but that does not mean they are unable to create a meaningful connection to like-minded individuals.

Here are the ways to help them:

  • Improve their way of socializing
  • Increase their social support
  • Increase their access to social interactions
  • Change unhelpful thoughts about social situations

Holistic Care Options, Inc. offers supplemental companionship care for your loved ones who need help with their communication and social skills. Feel free to check our website today.

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