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Resistance to Care and How to Handle It


One of the most difficult challenges when caring for someone else – a senior, children with special needs, individuals with chronic conditions, etc. – is handling their resistance. The elderly, for example, usually believe that they don’t need help. But what causes their resistance to care?

Caregiving may be misinterpreted by some. If a person is receiving care, he or she might think that his or her privacy and control are being relinquished involuntarily. Accepting and adjusting to new routines may also be hard for them at times. As a result, the recipient of care may feel vulnerable, frightened, angry, and even feel like a burden to his or her family and friends.

The best way to approach a loved one about their need for care is by starting a calm and friendly discussion with them about their needs. You can choose a specific time of the day when you and your loved one are relaxed. This will make it easier for the both of you to listen to each other and speak your minds. You may then ask them about their preferences, such as companionship care, hospice support, and other available options.

When a type of care is finally chosen, you then try out a trial run. A trial run will give a hesitant recipient a chance to test the waters and experience the advantages and ease that come with assistance. If family members are unavailable to administer the care, our caregiver in Arizona is available to those living on the West Coast.

Resistance to care must not discourage you. It is just one of the roadblocks to healthy aging, which can easily be attained. To know more about home care in Laveen, Arizona, call Holistic Care Options, Inc. today!

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