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How to Fight Fatigue After Chemotherapy

How to Fight Fatigue After Chemotherapy

Firstly, cancer is very tiring. Then, come chemotherapy giving off relentless fatigue, where you just feel plain beat after the sessions. Home care in Northridge, California understands this, but you can fight fatigue. Experts have gathered the most effective ways you can stay strong throughout:

  • Consume enough calories
    Even if you’re overweight, consider stopping your diet. During the chemotherapy, you will be losing plenty of muscle mass and so, eating enough is much more important than restricting yourself to healthy eating after chemotherapy treatment.
  • Take supplements and multivitamins
    Make sure that you get all the necessary nutrients while on chemotherapy treatment. For women, calcium is most especially important, aiming for 600 mg of calcium two to three times a day. For better absorption, take vitamin D and magnesium alongside. However, check first with your doctor if they don’t interact with your medications.
  • Control nausea
    When you feel nauseated during chemotherapy treatment, tell your doctor right away so you can have your medication adjusted. Secure companionship care to ease your ins and outs of the facility and ensure your safety throughout.
  • Fortify your blood
    Most of the time, it’s anemia that causes your fatigue, a condition where your blood doesn’t contain adequate red blood cells to circulate all the oxygen your body needs. Have a caregiver in California to remind you to take your multivitamin supplements with iron.
  • Control your stress
    Your immune system will not function properly when you’re under stress for a long time. Practice ways to relieve your anxiety for the chemotherapy treatment, this being the most common cause of anxiety among cancer patients. Try blogging or journaling about your experience in a week, and improve your sleep.

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