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How to Help a Loved One Cope with Memory Loss

Many of us have heard of stories and even experienced firsthand when an elder family member suddenly can’t recall information that happened seconds ago or can’t remember an important event. This is usually caused by cognitive impairment that commonly happens as people grow older and can be associated with mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia.

Fortunately, proactive measures to prevent or delay memory loss are offered at the Home Care in Laveen, Arizona that would aid seniors in leading a more independent and fulfilling life. There are different habits, factors, and training that patients undergo to strengthen their mental health:

  • Applying the Method of Loci

    The Method of Loci is a trick used since ancient times by the Greeks to help in memory storage and retrieval. To do this, one has to supply the brain with new information in a distinct order, and ground their memory to different points in a familiar setting that they can easily navigate in their mind.

  • Have your regular check-up

    There will always be benefits to having your loved one’s health checked regularly, and this might even raise awareness of an unknown illness that could be a contributing factor to memory loss. As part of the services offered under Companionship Care, you can ask for assistance from a caregiver in seeing a doctor.

  • Constantly Challenge Yourself

    Keep your loved ones mentally stimulated by engaging them in different activities or games. It’s not enough to just remember things you used to do or information you used to retain, they also have to make new ones and learn new things. Constantly challenging your brain can potentially boost their memories like solving a puzzle or learning a new hobby.

Just tap a trusted Caregiver in Arizona for any services that require assistance. We hope your loved ones get to remember their treasured memories. For optimal care, contact Holistic Care Options, Inc.

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