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Ways We Can Help Special Needs Children with Life Skills


Our home care in Laveen, Arizona, not only cares for seniors, but for kids with special needs, as well!

Holistic Care Options, Inc. aims to optimize your child’s independence and quality of life by giving them opportunities to remain at home where they can feel comfortable, loved, and secure. Through careful assessment and planning with your little one’s doctor or therapist, we provide you with outstanding caregiving that aims to help improve your little one’s quality of life.

Teaching life skills is very important. Skills related to eating, dressing, and personal hygiene are requirements for anyone wishing to live even a semi-independent life. In addition to these basic skills are the many skills we use each day to navigate life at home and in the community.

Here’s how you and our companionship care team can help your child learn these life skills:

  1. Task analysis

    A process for breaking down any given task into its component parts. For example, teaching your child that in order to brush their teeth, they need a toothbrush, toothpaste, a cup, and water. Then you may proceed to teach them how to do the task every step of the way.

  2. Create a visual guide

    Many parents create visual guides to help their children with disabilities to make sense of, remember, and get comfortable with the steps involved in a task.

  3. Prompt and fade

    Initially, your child may require hand-on-hand help to do certain tasks. Over time, physical prompts should fade and turn to verbal prompts, which gives the child autonomy to do the task on their own.

You are not alone in giving your child the love and care they deserve. Our caregiver in Arizona will do their best to aid you in making this happen.

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